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New GATE Transfer Students

Outside private assessment results do not meet GATE identification criteria in CUSD. Please note that stand alone standardized achievement assessment results and/or grades/GPA do not meet GATE identification criteria in CUSD. Please see below for more information.


Student must meet the criteria for number one OR two. In an effort to honor reciprocity of GATE identification from other districts CUSD is revising and expanding our current GATE identification criteria for new students:


  1. Student received a 96% Age PR on a Cognitive Abilities Test (e.g., NNAT, OLSAT, CogAT) (Only assessments administered by a school are accepted – no private assessments. IQ tests are not accepted.) Documentation must be submitted.




  2. Student exceeded the standard in both the ELA and math of a state standardized achievement assessment (e.g., SBAC/CAASPP or PARCC) OR earned a minimum composite score of 95% (e.g., IOWA Basic Skills Test)  *Assessment scores must have been completed within the prior two years. For example, if the student is an entering 6th grader, the scores must be from 5th or 4th grade* AND student was identified as GATE at their previous district. Official GATE acceptance letter and official assessment scores must be submitted as documentation.


Please submit  documents to your school’s registrar or academic advisor. (These documents may be in your child’s cumulative folder which your former school mailed to your new CUSD school).


Your CUSD school’s registrar or academic advisor will send your child’s GATE documentation to the CUSD GATE office for review.  If your child is admitted into the CUSD GATE program, the CUSD GATE office will notify your school and mail you an official GATE identification acceptance letter. If your child is entering a CUSD middle school and does not meet CUSD's GATE identification criteria your MS academic advisor will review and determine whether or not your child will meet the performance criteria for placement in accelerated courses.


Please Note:  Enrollment in honors, accelerated, AP, or IB classes does NOT signify GATE identification as other students are also placed into these classes. Also, please see the information regarding the transition to a performance based program in middle school.  Please speak to your MS academic advisor as this is not a GATE placement decision.